Africa sends you love today

Wow facts

Wow facts

Refractions of inner light – an awareness of love

Love is a building block of an awareness that we ‘are’. We would not build upon our conscious awareness without the focused desire to be ‘one’ with someone – those are the mechanics of attraction that we loosely call love.  Without the first grain of love to build upon, our awareness, which is a wide open facet of our Soul, would drift quietly away from us in haphazard detachment and indifference. In such a vague state of existence we would not be given the chance of physical and cognitive growth in the swirl of universal happenings.

If our emotions are the signposts of our wants and dis-wants and our affinities are our compass, then love is the spiritual route map of our Soul purpose. We are love, we are joy; we are peace.

Allan Taylor, author, Luanshya musings

Fire on a tinder dry vlei

Deaprojekt Die Welt der Puppen

Deaprojekt Die Welt der Puppen

Black ash, bruised light, broken sound in a shocked stillness – was there anything good left behind? Yes: black is the charcoaled colour of purification. There is a surreal snowstorm of twirling black leaf forms returning to the vlei: an uncanny backdrop for the cattle egrets, undertakers dressed in white, with bowed heads and feathered hands clasped behind their backs. They stoically perform high-stepped funeral marches across the carpets of ash, collecting all the dead bodies: crisp grasshoppers, heat-bloated ticks, and toasted centipedes. They leave the shrivelled remains of baby toads, field mice and weaver chicks for the ever-watchful hawks that hover above this al fresco open grill. Is that the marabou stork, the ignominious king of carrion? With his naked head, puce air sac, cracked and peeling beak, and long ashen legs, he looks as if he has been scorched himself; but it is his funeral finery. He is in fine fettle to carry away the larger mammalian, and reptilian carcasses. If they aren’t quite dead, they soon will be – a sharp beak protrudes from below his rapacious eyes.

Allan Taylor, author Luanshya musings


Thinking humanity 2

It is he: the Observer

Without him, I would be unable to measure my true worth.

His omnipotence is the catalytic spark that births the creative force that I am.

He is the aethereal power whose presence coalesces my spirit into the physical being that is me.


It is I: the Observed

I am not a singular linear self-contained happening. I am like a mote of dust in a swirling desert sandstorm, a minuscule reflection of a multi-faceted field of existence and creative expression.

I am a microcosm that unwittingly mirrors the vastness of the universal whole as my own small reality.

As small as I am, I am an integral part of an intense, non-localised field of creativity that is here, there and everywhere, all of the time.

When my small seeing eye observes the patterns of this quantum sandstorm of which I am part, I localise into my ‘time and place’ frame. The dust settles and my life takes form, but I am still of the non-stuff of a creative universe.

That is when my Soul energy will birth my kind: be it a rebirth of my own being or a new birth of a child, or an act of loving kindness unconditionally given.

Allan Taylor, author Luanshya musings



Kunzite - Konar Province, Afghanistan

     Kunzite – Konar Province, Afghanistan: Bijoux-et-mineraux  

Ah hum’s roots – I love

In strength Ah Hum’s emotions were the ground on which he was able to stand tall and fight in the name of love; whereas in situations of weakness his emotions were a pitiful flight of lost love. When his roots were nurtured, they gave him his positive determination to continue loving; when he abused them with spurned love, they spewed up a directionless lassitude which turned into resentment.

Love was a complex state of being that needed the support of powerful allies. Out of his alchemist’s calico bag he drew:

Hiddenite and orange blossom oil: tokens of heartfelt gratitude.

Aventurine crystals and melissa leaves: to symbolise the sweet harmony of spiritual and emotional growth.

Watermelon tourmaline and unction of nard: symbols of loving kindness since ancient times.

Rose quartz and rose oil: the eternal symbols of unconditional love.

Kunzite and palma rosa oil: the possession of which would induce a state of inner peace within him.

Allan Taylor,author Luanshya musings

Tourmaline crystal rain

Tourmaline 2Tourmaline



So Hum left the thick branches for the delicate higher ones, and that was when the tourmaline dream rains fell. It was a good move – So Hum felt love. His dream rain was a dream come true. He was in love with life. He had scraped together his entire being and with a quiver of excitement, was attempting to offer it to someone at the top of his rain tree.

He saw love as a gift bestowed upon him from high. It was a token of his bliss and he offered a gratitude for his existence.

In his simple dreams, his good intentions seemed to unfold effortlessly. It seemed that everything was in collusion and everything was going his way. He no longer felt the earlier needs to shy away from the dark or to look for others. All was one and one was all, and that’s all there was. His love of everything was proof of this cohesive state of being.

His gratitude poured out of him, then oozed out and then became a trickle before it dried up. This was because he started to take love for granted and love’s aethereal spirit departed to an imaginary distant shore. Was he ever a part of the eternal loving oneness that those pink and green rains had once promised him?

Allan Taylor, author. Luanshya musings