Medicinal brooms sweep clean…

…in Africa and off the beaten track, away from the influences of civilisation and deep in the forest, clearings are meticulously swept by the women folk bent double and holding handleless brooms often made of vlei grasses, but sometimes of medicinal herbs to repel evil spirits from the dark side. Every morning the area around the huts and up to the forest edge, is swept to dusty smooth perfection. A strange footprint, or worse, the side-winding slurry of a snake in the sand, could be a harbinger of evil, whose presence needed to be exposed as a satan nyoka – a devil snake announcing no good.

Allan Taylor, author, Luanshya musings

Sergio Pesalano

                        Sergio Pesalano

The Kingdom of Barotseland

It was six o clock and there was not one flying ant in the air – we all knew Boniface was right – it was the end. I had no option but to try and grill Boniface to get every detail out of him before he fell into one of his uncooperative moods, which I saw coming. He was a proud Lozi from the Zambezi flood plains in Western Northern Rhodesia, and he had an ancestral king to look up to – King Lewanika of Barotseland. He clammed up because he didn’t like being pushed into corners – which I could understand – he would tell me everything in his own good time. I had no option but to accept his African ways and wait.

Allan Taylor, author, Luanshya musings

In 1925, King Yeta 11 of the Barotse traveled to Livingstone to meet the Duke of WindsorKing Yeta !! of the Barotse July 1925 Buz Trevor

With all the royalty in town, the dance floor needed a good shine.Polishing the floor

Buz Trevor

Wadi Halfa

Wadi halfa

When going to England for our two-month holidays, we finally abandoned taking the boat train from Ndola to Cape Town – a 1000-mile journey to catch a Union Castle passenger boat to South Hampton on the English coast. Instead we flew to London from Ndola via Entebbe, Wadi Halfa, and Benghazi. The Vickers Viscount plane flew high enough to be a professional airliner, but not so high that I couldn’t make out things on the ground below. It also had large oval windows designed for little boys to look out of. Remote clearings in an otherwise seamless mat of thick forest below ripped at my curiosity, and I had a longing passion to visit every one of them right across Central Africa. Who had cleared this small piece of ground below me? Who was down there? If there was a vlei, what secrets did it hold? If there was a clearing, who lived in it and what were they doing?

Author, Allan Taylor, Luanshyamusings


Unconditional love African Soul

Love is a building block of an awareness that we ‘are’. We would not build upon our conscious awareness without the focused desire to be ‘one’ with someone – those are the mechanics of attraction that we loosely call love.  Without the first grain of love to build upon, our awareness, which is a wide open facet of our Soul, would drift quietly away from us in haphazard detachment and indifference. In such a vague state of existence we would not be given the chance of physical and cognitive growth in the swirl of universal happenings.

Allan Taylor, author Luanshya musings