I am a Euro-African, and along with my fellow citizens, African and Asian-Africans, we make up the people of Africa: We are the newborns that suckled of the one breast of Mother Africa without giving our existence further thought – circumstances beat our drum. We had our differences which lay in the societal crib within which we were born: But as we grew up, our Mama Africa scooped us up in her beckoning arms, and called us family.

I was conceived and brought up in Luanshya and I like to muse – musing is to leisurely think something over: In Africa, some would call it a way of life. As an African brother of a different mother, I dedicate this site to our story – it is your story – have you ever thought about the need to share it with others?

I have a personal story which has been burning a hole in my pocket for quite a while. I now want to get it out there. I want to give something back to the tradition of Africa.

I believe musings stir the senses: They add extra out of the current moment value to our conscious awareness as they gently drift in and out of our minds. They are not bitter, nor are they sugary sweet; otherwise they would be dis-wants and wants – which they are not. Musings leave a faint after-taste of their remembrance that excites the taste buds of our Soul.

In the open spirit of this blog: No hate speech with regard to race, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender or class.



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