The N’anga…


Change, the aethereal wax and wane of events that affects all things, all of the time, is a composite of both positive and negative energies. On the spiritual plane things don’t change for the good or the bad; they simply change. Things might look different; good and evil might swop places at our table, but they are still the same dinner guests. They are the unconditional states of universal being which are invited to partake in our lives. What will change, will be our response to the perceived good or bad of it all. Only then do the dominos fall on the playing board of our perceptions, and we start to point out good and evil. We will our own destiny upon ourselves: we see what we want to see, and we get what we want to get. Some people that I knew thought in this way – except that they wanted n’angas, the witchdoctors, to nudge the dominos for them. They allowed their beings to be buffeted by change, and in so doing, were open to magic: but it also made them vulnerable to alien fear, which in my mind, wasn’t such a good thing.


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