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‘Hyenas are a mystery to their fellow beasts” he croaked. They can eject an aardwolf, an aardvark, or even a bad-tempered honey badger from its burrow in an anthill, commandeer it, and with the collusion of the termites; do the strangest of things.’

My mind ran wild, throwing my thoughts all over the back seat and floor of the vehicle as it trundled down that remote African dirt road. The light was receding fast and Mr ‘Cool’ the geologist put his foot on the accelerator of his ‘landy’. The old diviner fell into another one of his tobacco-chewing silences and I started to ruminate over things – I took as long as it took for him to suck on nicotine, spit spent tobacco, and pick his cracked lips free of the soggy shreds. Whatever it was that crept through his well-seasoned mind was worth waiting for… #IAN1 #ASMSG #IARTG #amwriting #books #indiechat #selfpub


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