Bats in the mango trees

Luanshya’s shimmering midday heats, brought in from across the far vleis, and heated further by her iron roofs and black tarmac roads, slapped me in the face and ripped at my breath to test the emotional metal I had for her. She teased me with the repulsive cool darkness of our dining room, which almost seemed attractive in light of her heated onslaughts. The heavy shadows of her darkness that chased me all the way from the vlei to home were always edging to be one step ahead of me. She further flaunted their billowing forms in the recesses of the mango trees in our garden. She forced fruit bats to crash out of their leafed safety in panic and flung darkness at me just as my toes took hold of the warm stoep. All this should have frightened the life out of me and it did; but I still loved her in my breathless state.

Allan Taylor, Luanshya musings:

Heather anne cooper.JPG

                         Heather anne Cooper


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