Amazonite rain

It was awe-inspiring…

This dream rain quickly took possession of his harsh world. Steaming pendules of green amazonite and weighty beads of silver and turquoise: It was an equatorial deluge that housed the mechanics for unstoppable growth. Its brazen freshness tickled his cracked senses.It was as if a universal truth that had lain limp within him for so long, was now uncurling its leaves. A turgidity of spirit urged him to express himself in harmony with nature’s exuberance.                                                                                                                                                


                                     Amazonite on Albite, Colorado      

Inner magic on a material plane

Decision making is no easy task. As a geomancer at heart, Ah Hum naturally turned to his allies:

Amazonite and fennel seed oil: to release mental blockages in the expression of his deepest inner truths and needs.

Sugilite and peppermint oil: to enhance intuition and lucid dreaming.

Labradorite and myrrh: symbols of the unavoidable synchrodestiny in his life.

Allan Taylor. author, Luanshya musings


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