Citrine rain

Auroa Mine San Luis Potosi Mexico      Auroa Mine San Luis Potosi Mexico.

So Hum – wanting rain

So Ham took time to move among the broad branches of his imaginary rain tree. In time his gait changed. It was still a hesitant rock – back and forth, a slow rhumba; but when his front foot lifted, and the back foot landed, they did so with an added permanence of ‘I want’, which was followed by, ‘I want more’.

So Hum partook in pleasurable things for a good while; in fact, beyond the boundaries of time, but then a citrine bejewelled rain was carried in. It was one of those timeless soft rains that carried a promise of consolidated growth, and yet So Hum could swear that this time it was edged with foreboding.

His wobbly bobbly eyes had lost most of their malignant fear during the good times, but now they were cataracting over with avarice and a mistrust of perhaps not getting enough of everything that he really wanted.

He foolishly interpreted its offer of quiet restraint and fortitude as a spartan choice, and rejected it because he saw it as a punishing onslaught against his greedy senses. This vagary would cost him much emotional pain.

In So Hum’s small delusional mind, if you could call it a mind, the citrine rain came in a cutting slant of slivers of bright yellow crystals that stung his defenceless protruding eyes, whipped his hunched back, and brought him to his first tears of confused disappointment.

Allan Taylor. author, Luanshya musings


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