This amazing photograph is of Red Almandine Garnets on Graphite matrix – Red Embers Mine, Massachusetts: with courtesy of,

Pomegranate raintumblr_nu82efutcF1rjxhlko2_1280

Feeling rain

As So Hum climbed into the first sturdy branches, a new silica dream rain fell. It was warmer than So Hum’s first dream rain, and it had an attractive colour. Hum could feel new stirrings in his being; a faint tear in his fear-lined coat; something warm and inviting rubbing against the inner walls of his bloodless veins and sloth intestines.

He started to feel good about himself for no particular reason other than there was nothing else to feel good about, that is beside his enriched dreams. At times he felt he would explode as his good feelings tried to elbow their way out of him…

Allan Taylor, author Luanshya musings


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