The Kingdom of Barotseland

It was six o clock and there was not one flying ant in the air – we all knew Boniface was right – it was the end. I had no option but to try and grill Boniface to get every detail out of him before he fell into one of his uncooperative moods, which I saw coming. He was a proud Lozi from the Zambezi flood plains in Western Northern Rhodesia, and he had an ancestral king to look up to – King Lewanika of Barotseland. He clammed up because he didn’t like being pushed into corners – which I could understand – he would tell me everything in his own good time. I had no option but to accept his African ways and wait.

Allan Taylor, author, Luanshya musings

In 1925, King Yeta 11 of the Barotse traveled to Livingstone to meet the Duke of WindsorKing Yeta !! of the Barotse July 1925 Buz Trevor

With all the royalty in town, the dance floor needed a good shine.Polishing the floor

Buz Trevor


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